Peng Xiaochi
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  • 2023-09-27
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Director of International Oncology WardChief Physician
Chief Physician
Specialty:Minimally invasive targeted therapy/chemotherapy/ combined therapy of Chinese medicine and Western medicine for solid tumor...


 Peng Xiaochi, M.D., Ph.D. graduate in Canada, is a member of the Chinese Medical Association, the Board of Directors of the Guangdong Provincial Anticancer Association, and the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology. He has been engaged in oncology clinical work for more than 20 years and is the advocate of minimally invasive tumor treatment and multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment in China. He is especially good at chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, molecular targeted therapy, and multidisciplinary comprehensive therapy for various malignant tumors, and has high attainments in the high-tech minimally invasive therapy of tumors including radiofrequency ablation, radioactive iodine particle implantation therapy, photodynamic therapy, and biotherapy. Through continuous study and research, Prof. Peng has gained insights into cancer treatment and has published more than 20 professional papers in academic journals at all levels and large-scale academic conferences.

Education Background:

Graduate of Sun Yat-Sen University
Further Study at the University of British Columbia
Further Study at the National University of Singapore

Medical Experience:  

  An academic researcher of the 7th International Tumor Minimally Invasive Therapy

  The chairman committee of the first “ASEAN Academic Committee of Minimally Invasive Therapy”

  The 21st Global Anticancer Meeting

  The 7th International Academic Meeting of Tumor Minimally Invasive Therapy

  “CSCO-Southern” Tumor Biological Therapy and Particle Targeted Therapy Forum

  Academic Achievement

  The Clinical Research of Efficacy of Cryotherapy for Partial Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

    The Observation of Curative Effect of Interventional Therapy for Liver Cancer

    The Clinical Analysis of Photodynamic Therapy for Tongue Cancer

Research Technology:

      Minimally invasive targeted therapy for solid tumors  


    Combination of TCM therapy and western therapy  

Research Direction:


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