Thank-you Notes
From Malaysia Prostate Cancer Patient

My father is an advanced prostate cancer patient in the fourth floor of St. Stamford modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for minimally invasive therapy. We are from Malaysia. After courses of treatment during these days, papa’s cancer is under good control and he can live a normal life as us. I write down this letter to express our gratitude for your help.

Thank you Dr. Lin Jing, Prof. Peng Xiaochi, Dr. Wu Qingkai and Director Dai Wenyan for your treatment plan and for saving my father from suffering, giving us help and hope to survive cancer.

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——NG SWE CHIN’s son
From the Philippines Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patient

To Dr.Li Zhifei and Dr.Wang Xiang I would just like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unconditional medical care and interventions from day 1 to our last day in the hospital. Thank you very much for helping. Thank good care and giving Milgee a very good fight for her devastating cancer illness. We, the whole family, appreciate so much all her improvements and development of her health condition.

To the lady doctor and the companion male doctor and the nurses who help us during difficult moment when she had suffered a very horrible seizures that we thought Milgee will be leaving us on that day. Thank you so much for everything for reviving her.

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——Milgee’s mother
From Canada Synovial Sarcoma Patient

I don’t want you to ever think that I am in anyway disappointed. If it wasn’t for all of you I would have died three years ago. You gave me back my life when no one at home would help me. I now am able to live my life with my children and grandchildren, my family, my brother and sister, and all my friends. I will always be eternally grateful for all your hard work and kindness.

I love you all and bless you. May you live a long and prosperous life. I consider myself a success story. Thank you with all my heart.

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From Indonesia Rectal Cancer Patient

The most beautiful dream is Chinese Dream. While the most ideal cancer hospital is St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.They have the most excellent medical team and good doctors, with considerate nursing work and hardworking cleaners.

Our joyfulness today is what you have given us. We feel indebted and will bring your smiles back to Indonesia, and never never forget. We wish all of you a good health and may all go well with you. And wish St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou a huge advance in future.

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——HATTA and his wife
From Indonesia Cervical Cancer Patient

During my treatment at St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, my treatment was very successful and it works effectively. The doctors, nurses and other staff in the hospital, they are professional and very kind, they have good manner.

The treatment technology given by St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou is quite good, and each treatment is completed very quickly, and it is not complicated. According to the doctor, I was in a complete remission. I hope that St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou can bring its technology and treatment to the next level so that it can help more cancer patients. Thank you St.Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou.

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——Tjhai Soe Dji
From Indonesia Lung Cancer Patient

“Dear Dr. Wang and every nurse, I am very grateful for your tender care. It’s your tender care that helps me restore to health quickly; It’s your excellent medical skills and hard work that make my tumor shrink by 90% in a short time.”

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From Indonesia Breast Cancer Patient

“Last April 13 was the first day that I have been to St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for treatment, but this April 13 was the day that I left the hospital. I have been through a lot this year, so I write this thank-you note to express my gratitude to all the medical staffs in this hospital, especially doctors and nurses on the 7th floor. Thank you very much for giving your heart to me; thank you for taking care of me in this one year, It’s really memorable for me. Hug & love you all.”

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——Cherry Leono
From Russia Rectal Cancer Patient

Many thanks to Dr. Zhao Zhi Gang!

Massage that he makes supported me very much. I live in Moscow, Russia. The flight almost 10 hours--on a plane back ached intolerably. After a course of massage I have not thought about it.Doctor--a great maste. His massage not only strengthens the physical condition, but also improves the patient’s emotional state. Machine massage useful for everyone without exception.

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From Vietnam Breast Cancer Patient

2016 is over. Achievements and efforts have been made in this year. However, all about the yesterday has passed. We should let it go and embrace the New Year with joy. New start, new success!

I’m BUI THI HIEN, form Hai Duong Province, Vietnam. I have been taken treatment at St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou for more than 10 months. Now, I have gotten great improvement. Today, I am going to leave the hospital and go back home to celebrate the Spring Festival and I am so happy. I and my family sincerely wish all the staff here, especially Director Ma Xiaoying, Director Bai Haishan, Dr. Wang Zenghai, Dr. Zhong Guiqiang and all staff of intervention department peace, good luck, success and happiness in 2017. Health is the basis of life.

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From Vietnam Lung Cancer Patient

I am Nguyen Duc Hung from Hanoi and cancer patient at the fifth floor.First I would like to thank medical staff and translators at the fifth floor, thanks for their considerate caring during my stay here. May professors, doctors and nurses and translators a good health, a happy life and prosperous wealth.

After medical diagnosis, I was diagnosed with lung cancer and I underwent a resection surgery of my right lung tumor during my hospitalization in the past one and a half month. And till now, I have four checkup in Vietnam and i t turns out that all is well with my body.

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——Nguyen Duc Hung
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