“Minimally Interventional Therapy + Cryotherapy” Help Liver Cancer Patient Regain Confidence*

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Guangming Daily: Don’t Give up Hope

On Jan. 14, 2015, the series report of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Don’t Give up Hope, was published on Guangming Daily. In this report, liver cancer patient Heson from Indonesia shared his anticancer story with all readers: You can regain a new life if you don’t give up hope and stick to your cancer treatment.

In October 2013, when 62-year-old Heson went to local hospital in Indonesia for a physical examination due to gallstone, the CT results showed that tumor in his left liver was already the size of 7.3cm×6.9cm×5.7cm. In less than two days, he was diagnosed with stage III primary liver cancer. As the cancer was found early, doctor told him that only surgery in need. With full trust to his doctor, Heson underwent the surgery in about one month and kept regular checks in the following four months. At first, everything went normally, which was really a relief. However, in the second postoperative check, there were signs of reoccurrence, and the right liver lobe enlarged excessively. Following his doctor’s orders, Heson took several cycles of chemo, but no signs of improvement. What’s worse, tumor metastasized to his right lung.

Heson said he was very disappointed at that moment. Although he had always trusted his doctors, removed the liver as they suggested and done the chemo, he never thought to receive such poor curative effect. Suddenly, he lost all confidence in them, and thought there was no hope for further treatment. All family members felt sorry to see him being so desperate. They kept persuading him not to give up hope. When Henson’s aunt brought the good news of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou which refers to a new hope, they all thought he should have a try.

Therefore, Heson came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. Soon, the MDT experts carried out a personalized treatment plan based on his condition: Minimally interventional therapy + Cryotherapy. Compared with traditional chemotherapy, interventional therapy causes small trauma and fewer side effects, and it brings quicker recovery. With only 1-2 mm incision, embolism can be done to tumor and its feeding arteries while anticancer drugs can be injected into different tumors of various parts of body. In such local perfusion process, the drug concentration can reach to 2-8 times higher than intravenous drip, so concentrated that it won’t cause damage to surrounding normal tissues. Therefore, patients won’t feel any discomfort and the effect will be much better when such therapy is performed repeatedly. In cryotherapy, the principle of “extreme cold + extreme heat” is used to treat tumor. Compared with traditional surgery to cut off part of the liver, it is a highly targeted ablation procedure made up of ultra-low temperature and thermotherapy. Cryotherapy will help the patients keep an intact liver and won’t bring patients other complications due to big surgical wound. Therefore, after two times of interventional therapy and one cryotherapy, Heson noticed there was significant improvement in him. Sure enough, in the following check, AFP level reflected there was a big decrease from 1108ng/ml (tested at admission) to 86ng/ml (at present). Then he had another five sessions of interventional therapy, after which the metastases in his right liver disappeared and AFP level also decreased to 9ng/ml (≦15 ng/ml is normal). By that time his condition was well controlled. When Dr. Zhong Guiqiang told that good news to Heson, he was very happy. He said that he was lucky to grasp the second chance that god given him, by which he regained a new life. He encouraged all cancer patients that, while on the anticancer road, one should not give up hope at any time.

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Guangming Daily, Minimally Invasive Treatment, Interventional Therapy, Cryotherapy
Heson was receiving a interview

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