The Foods Nasopharyngeal Cancer Patients Must Avoid

These are the food that nasopharyngeal cancer patients must avoid:

1. Do not consume alcoholic beverages

For patients with nasopharyngeal cancer, alcohol is a substance that should be avoided in the body, consuming alcohol can cause irritation of the mouth, esophagus and stomach, harm the patient's body and affect the effectiveness of treatment.

2. Do not eat high iodized foods

Nasopharyngeal cancer patients should reduce the consumption of shrimp, crabs, seaweed and other types of high-iodine foods, as iodine dissolves in the soft tissue leading to tumor ulceration, affecting the patient's treatment.

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3. Do not eat spicy food

In the daily diet, nasopharyngeal cancer patients should avoid onions, ginger, chilli, pepper, cinnamon and other spicy foods, because these types of foods can cause heat to the body's blood vessels, resulting in recurrence or spreading .

4. Do not consume food that is preserved

Do not consume preserved foods, such as meat, pickles, salted fish, and foods containing nitrosamines and other carcinogens. In the study found, nasopharyngeal cancer is closely related to consume many foods that are preserved. In addition, this type of food can aggravate the condition of the patient's illness.If you want to get effective treatment results, nasopharyngeal cancer patients should pay attention to diet well, reduce consumption of the above types of foods, so as to reduce the level of damage to the patient's body.

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